Building Information Modeling - BIM

Building Information Modeling - BIM

The utilization of BIM provides a shared and comprehensive understanding as well as control of the project to its diversified stakeholders. The central BIM model ensures a synchronized coordination among them with emphasis on accuracy and updation. Miscommunication and mistakes are thus alleviated from an early stage giving way to better decision making. PM-Piirustus Oy is a one-stop solution for all your Building Information Modeling requirements.

We provide following services

2D- Design Documentation
3D- Building Information Modeling(BIM) for Design Review / Visualization
4D- Construction Simulation
5D- Material Management
6D- Integration of Information for Facilities Management
Clash Detection and Resolution (CDR)
Scan to BIM
Content Creation
BIM Consulting Services (Implementation, Migration, Training, Integration)
Proposal Graphics
Virtual Reality (VR)

Software Expertise